A Day on Lantau Island

Lantau Island (大嶼山) is the largest island on Hong Kong, which is adjacent to the Hong Kong International Airport. It is also the home to Tian Tian Buddha and Tai O, both popular tourist attractions.

My friends and I left campus around 8:30 am and arrived at Prince Edward Station to meet up with my mom and a few of her friends before heading to Lantau Island. We took the red line on the MTR from Prince Edward to Lai King Station, then we transferred to the yellow line and got off at Tung Chung. There are two ways you can get up to Ngong Ping Village where the Buddha is located: the bus or the cable cars. We decided to get a one way trip on the standard cable car which was $130.00 HKD. (I would’ve preferred to take the Crystal Cabin, which has a clear glass bottom, but my mother is acrophobic.)



Despite the weather being warm and sunny, there was still fog visible. Once we got off the cable cars, there are shops along the pathway that will lead you to the Buddha.

As we were walking to the buddha, there were some loose cows free roaming the place. Some of them were chilling on the ground, and some were around humans seeking for food.


At the base of Tian Tian Buddha

The admission to the Buddha is free, but if you wish to go into the Buddha, you have to buy a meal ticket which you can obtain your good at the bottom of the hill. The stairs to the top was a pretty leisure climb, especially if you take stops along the way for photos.

Started from the bottom…
Now we’re here.


View from the top of the Buddha

As we were waiting down at the bottom of the Buddha for the adults to get down, a nice lady offered us the meal ticket that she bought for a vegetarian meal. When the adults came down from the top, we showed them the meal ticket, and they said today is our lucky day, and they went to retrieve the food.

We were hungry…

Once we finished our food, we made our way to take the 21 bus down to Tai O (大澳). Tai O is a fishing village with stilt houses and seafood markets. Along this popular rode in Tai O, there are small local shops that sell dried seafood and and vegetables. We took a small boat out to the water in an attempt to seek for dolphins, but it was a failed attempt.

Stilt Houses



After we finished walking around Tai O, we took the 11 bus back to Tung Chung (~40 minute bus ride). We then had dinner at the Novotel Hotel at Tung Chung.

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