Shopping Week

Shopping Week [adverb]: try as many classes as you can before you choose the ones that you want

If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, you would know exactly what I mean. The first week of classes is basically shopping week for all of the exchange students here at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

It was pretty nerve wracking going into the first day of class without having registered in any classes. When I went into my academic advising session, they advised me that everything is going to be fine, and that I should go sit in all the classes that I am interested in taking. So that’s what I did. I looked up the university’s system and marked up all the classes that I have an interest in taking, and some backup options in case the classes I want are full. I probably went to a total of 8 classes during the week, unlike Rory Gilmore who wanted to try 80 classes before having her final pick. Here’s a run down of some of the courses I attended during the week:

International Business
I originally intended to study International Business when I switched over to Business Administration from Pre-Med, but since there was a language requirement for the course, there wasn’t really much time for me to fit into my schedule. I was excited to take the course; it seems to be a pretty easy course according to the syllabus. There is the usual group project, but there is also a quiz for the class.

Integrated Marketing Communications
This class might just be my favorite. I heard great things about this class coming to Hong Kong. The previous alumni’s I’ve spoken to about CUHK has both highly praised and recommended the course. The professor has worked in the advertising world for a really long time, and he’s super sassy and flamboyant. He’s one of those professors who listens to his students, and then would give his opinion about it. He introduced his teaching philosophy as “No T.T.T.T”, which basically means he doesn’t want to teach for tests. The grading of the course relies heavily on participation, group projects, and one examination.  One of the group project, we have to create an integrated marketing campaign for a skincare company, which I can’t wait to work on actually. I like how most of the marketing and management courses here try to incorporate things you would actually do in the real world as oppose to just having you memorize everything.

Business Information System
This class might actually be tied as my favorite. The professor is incredibly knowledgable in the business information system field, since she has done consulting work for Microsoft products for a really long time. She relates how every aspect of the class can easily be related to all fields of business. On the first week, I was sitting in another one of class that got cancelled. Since it was a small class, we had more one to one conversations. She asked me what career I intend on pursuing after college, and I told her that I am considering advertising or consulting. She told me that this class will help especially if I consider tech consulting, because business information system is the foundation to an effective operating business. There is one group project that you develop throughout the entire course.

Organizational Behavior
Boring, but necessary. This is one of the required courses for graduation. I don’t really have a choice but to take it. There were these two really obnoxious people who kept talking throughout the entire class, and no one really seemed to pay attention to the professor. The professor was definitely into the course material, and he often laughed at his own jokes. We’ll see how this class progress…

Strategic Marketing
I would highly not recommend taking this course, but it might just be the professor. The professor had such a bad attitude going into the class, he believed that he was always right, and there was no other way of doing things. He is stuck to his old methods and haven’t really integrated and adapted current methods of teaching. He praises China for it’s current technological advancements, but bad talks Americans. I just feel that the professor creates a really negative environment, and that’s not what you want to do for such a innovative and creative field of business like marketing.

The following Monday would be what I called D-Day. There will be thousands of children fighting to register for their courses, so the system was bound to crash. I wish they had assigned people with registration times so they system wouldn’t crash. I was close to tears when the portal wouldn’t work on my computer, but luckily my roommate was there to lend me hers. I got 4 out of the 5 courses that I want, so I’ll just have to wait over the course of the week to see if I can get into my waitlisted courses.



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