Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a modern metropolis with Japanese colonial influences, popular night markets, and busy shopping streets.

Day 1: Fly to Taiwan, The National Palace Museum
Once we arrived at Taoyuan International Airport, we requested an Uber to Hotel Papa Whale, the hotel we stayed in for the trip. Our first stop was the National Palace Museum, where it has the permanent collection of thousands of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks.


We wanted to go inside to see the artwork, but it was closing early since it was Chinese New Year Eve. So we left the museum, and tried to walk around the city before dinner. We wanted to check out Shilin Market, which is a popular night market, with tons of street food. To our disappointment, it was like the zombie apocalypse when we got there, since everyone was home celebrating with their friends and family for the new year that is coming. We headed back to our hotel, but we stopped by Ximen Night Market which was up and alive. We tried their famous fried chicken bites, egg-scallion pancake, dumplings, and of course bubble tea.

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